Plain and simple, photography can be a seriously expensive habit. Canon would not even be the most expensive of the camera manufacturers, but they’re definitely up there, and a good body and lens can set you back thousands of euro. The broken Canon lenses pictured here were dropped in to our repair centre for a variety problems, including aperture issues, zoom control problems, and one that was liquid damaged. 

Due to the huge investment people have made in these lenses, it is very much a cost effective solution to have these faulty Canon lenses repaired rather than replacing them. A lot of the time, the issues, although stopping the lens from working properly, are not overly serious issues, and can be repaired by an experienced technician easily enough. 

Broken Canon lens? Why not check out our Canon Repairs page for more information on repairs and prices, and fill out a short Repair Request form to have your not working Canon lens collected, free of charge, anywhere in Ireland.