The above iMac was one that was brought to us for diagnostics recently, and as it happens, it had developed a common iMac issue in its hardworking lifetime. 

Due to the fact that iMacs are commonly used for graphic design and video editing, much of what they’re used for is very intense graphically, which is a major selling point for the devices. However, this type of intense graphical use can have a negative effect on the graphics processor, or GPU as it’s known. As at various points in use, the iMac can get quite hot, and then cools once shut down or left idle – this constant change in temperature can damage the GPU chip itself, resulting in a loss of display, or even power. 

This issue can be repaired by our technicians in several different ways, depending on the severity of the damage caused, and returned to its rightful owner within a couple of days. 

If you have an iMac with a display or other type of issue, fill in a short Book a Repair form to have your iMac collected by our courier and brought to our repair centre for diagnostics.