More so than compact, ‘point and shoot’ cameras, DSLR cameras are capable of taking a much larger number of photos in a shorter space of time, which is perfect for a family wedding, you might say.. This particular Nikon D80’s aperture control wasn’t functioning and was stuck in the open position, which is like saying the iris in your eye is letting in too much light (imagine that feeling of walking out of a dark room into a sunny day). Basically, every single one of the 300 or so photos this lady took at her sisters wedding, came out as just a white image. Of course, this being a wedding, the customer wasn’t really checking the photos, and continued using her damaged DSLR for the rest of the night.

In terms of repair, aperture problems are quite common for all DSLR cameras, albeit a little intricate to work on. One of our camera engineers completed the Nikon D80 aperture repair in few hours, to have the camera back as good as new, with our 6 month warranty. Unfortunately, we can’t turn back time to the wedding night for this customer, but at least she’s covered for the next family get together! 

If you have a Nikon D80, or any other camera not working, fill out a quick repair request form to have your camera collected by our courier, free of charge, anywhere in the country.