IElectron is your one stop shop for device issues, including iphone repairs, which can be completed in just a couple of hours, with a 12 month warranty. To ensure that you don’t need to see us anytime soon, here are some precautionary steps you can take to get the most out of your iPhone battery.


Use Data Sparingly

If you have an unlimited data plan, it is tempting to only use your mobile data, in place of Wi-Fi. Cost aside, Wi-Fi is actually much better at preserving your iPhone battery. If you can use Wi-Fi, then do it, but be mindful of unsecure networks. If you are in no immediate need of internet access, switching your phone to airplane mode can help save some juice.


Don’t Put Off Software Updates

We are all guilty of it, and you couldn’t be blamed for expecting these to negatively affect your battery, given Apple’s past history. Apple’s updates can often save your device energy by having your apps run more efficiently behind the scenes. You can easily access your updates by navigating Settings -> General -> Software Update.


Adjust Your Screen Brightness

A very simple one which can save your battery, and also make your activity less noticeable to people around you. Every time your phone wakes through a notification, this takes up considerable battery, so make sure that your brightness is set accordingly. You can access your brightness through Settings -> Display & Brightness


Optimised Battery Charging

The iPhone has a handy feature called Optimised Battery Charging which maps your charging habits to predict when you will need your iPhone so that it will not charge past 80% until you are likely to use it. This considerably reduces battery ageing. You can access this feature by navigating Settings -> Battery -> Optimised Battery Charging


Background App Refresh

When you receive instant notifications of messages, emails, etc, this is because your apps are constantly refreshing in the background. By turning off Background App Refresh, or at least switching it to Wi-Fi only, you will cut out a large amount of activity on your phone, when you are not using it. You can access this by navigating Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh.


Avoid Extreme Temperatures

The iPhone has an inbuilt thermometer, and is designed to perform well at ambient temperatures ranging from 16 to 22 degrees Celsius. Anything above 35 degrees Celsius can permanently damage your iPhone battery capacity, in addition to putting you at risk of an explosion. If operating in cold environments, your battery life may decrease, but this is temporary until returning to normal temperatures.


Plug in Your Computer

When charging your iPhone through your computer, make sure that it is plugged in and powered on. If your iPhone is plugged into a machine that is off, or in standby mode your phone battery may drain. To ensure that it doesn’t go into sleep or power off, it is advisable to keep your machine plugged in.


If your battery is already in a bad way, call into us at iElectron. We offer completion of iphone repairs within a couple of hours, along with a 12 month warranty. You can visit our store in Cork City, or book our express national pickup and return service.