Samsung released the Samsung S9 last year, it offers improved screen resolution and picture quality over their previous models.

We see a number of Samsung devices arriving into us in need of repair each week, one of the most common being the Samsung S9.  Earlier this week a customer called in with a Samsung S9 with a cracked screen, unfortunately, they had dropped it while getting ready for work.  Once the customer’s Samsung S9 was booked in one of our technicians began running diagnostics.  Once this was completed we contacted the customer and let them know they only required a Samsung S9 screen replacement.  Our technicians are able to carry out a Samsung S9 screen replacement in 1-2 hours.   Once the Samsung S9 screen replacement was completed we then provided the customer with a 12-month warranty.

If you have a Samsung S9 with a broken screen or another Samsung device in need of repair simply complete a Book My Repair to your device collected anywhere in the country! Alternatively, call into our store in Cook Street in Cork City!