iElectron Business services

Repairing devices rather than replacing them is an excellent and hassle-free way of reducing expenditure for your business.

Why choose iElectron for your business?


Collection & Delivery: Courier will collect your devices
anywhere in the country (DPD Ireland).

Express Repair: All your business repairs are treated as high priority and most can be completed in one hour.

Dedicated Support: Direct access to our dedicated business phone number and email.


Business Discounts: Reduced cost on all of your repairs and
purchases (Negotiable).

Employee Benefits: Discount on all of your employee’s repairs
and purchases.

Credit Accounts: Monthly payment available depending
on volume.


Repair benefits to your company

Warranty: You receive a 24 month warranty on almost all repairs.

Data Security: Your business and personal data is
in safe hands.

Volume: Our repair centre can handle over 50 repairs per day.


Purchase new devices and accessories for less

New Devices: New sim free phones, tablets, computers, etc. available.

Accessories: Wide range of accessories available for all of your devices.

Services we offer
Repairs for devices

Phones, Tablets, Computers, Cameras,
and Game Consoles


Liquid damage diagnostics and repairs. Component level repair. Data recovery services.

Our Business Accounts

iElectron offers a 10% discount for all employee and business devices. For your convenience, we offer the option to either pay as you go or be billed monthly (subject to credit approval).

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