iElectron is your one stop shop for device repairs, including camera repairs. As much as we love your business, here are some ways you can look after your camera and mitigate the need for a repair.


Avoid Water

This sounds pretty obvious, but this doesn’t not mean just avoiding submersion. You also need to be aware that cold moist air and rain can wreak havoc on your very delicate camera equipment. A water proof bag is always a good idea, and when shooting outdoors you might want to using a rain cover, or even covering your camera in a plastic bag if you are price sensitive.


Don’t Shoot Directly into the Sun

Pointing your camera lens directly into the sun for any length of time, could result in damage to the image sensor. Avoiding this is necessary, but also fairly straightforward, given that shooting into the sun will usually result in a silhouetted image.


Keep Your Camera at an Ambient Temperature

This applies to both the use and storage of your camera. Do not leave your camera in a vehicle during sunny weather, where temperatures can easily move upwards of 30 degrees Celsius. Extreme heat will damage the plastic, and extreme cold will damage the LCD.


Don’t Touch the Lens and LCD

Oils from your skin can cause problems here so avoid touching the lens and LCD. Should you notice some smudges on either, than promptly tend to them with a microfiber cloth.


Invest in a Good Camera Bag

A good camera bag will not only protect your camera from scratches and provide extra padding, but it will also be waterproof. As previously discussed, water damage can be especially damaging, so it is worth the investment for such a fragile piece of equipment.


Take Care of Your Memory Cards

There is no worse feeling than when you have taken images for a client and something happens to your memory cards, resulting in lost content. It can be expensive in terms of lost earnings as well as your reputation. Be sure to only transport your memory cards in a protective case, and only insert and remove them outside of wet and dusty environments.


If you do find that despite your best efforts, that you are in need of a camera repair, then look no further than I-Electron. We offer completion of camera repairs within 30 minutes to 2 hours, along with a full warranty. You can visit our store in Cork City, or book our express national pickup and return service