iElectron is your one stop shop for device repairs, including iPad repairs. As much as we love your business, here are some ways you can care for your iPad, so that you can minimize the chances of having to get a repair.



Avoid Excessive Charging.

It is tempting to leave your device charging in perpetuity, but this will ruin your device’s long term battery life. Leave your battery run to empty before charging it, to maximise the battery health of your device.


Take Care of the Home Button

This is the only button on the iPad, so be sure to take care of it. Avoid pressing it vigorously. Use alternatives to the home button whenever possible, for example five finger pinch to return to the home screen.


Use proper lens cleaners

Avoid window cleaners, as these can damage your screen. Instead use lens cleaners sourced from a PC repairs store, or a device retailer. Use a soft linen cloth to wipe down the screen.


Avoid Excessive Temperatures.

Your device is designed to perform well in ambient temperatures, in a range between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius. Anything above 35 degrees can damage your battery permanently. Excessively cold temperatures will cause the battery to worsen temporarily, but it will return to normal, once it is within a normal temperature range.


Power Down Your iPad from time to time.

Most of us are guilty of putting our devices to sleep, rather than powering them down completely. Doing this from time to time will help its long-term health.


Avoid Water

A bit of an obvious one here, but be sure to look out for wet hands, damp surfaces and exposure to rain.


Mind Your Battery

Upgrading to the newest software, enabling low power mode and lowering your screen brightness are all important methods of ensuring your battery performs to the best of its capabilities. It is better to be proactive here because it is difficult to reverse battery degradation, once it sets in.


If all of the above fails, you are best to not try to meddle with the hardware yourself, and to contact professionals. At iElectron we offer completion of iPad repairs within as little as 60 minutes, along with a 12 month warranty. You can visit our store in Cork City, or book our express national pickup and return service