Anyone would be happy with a quick and easy way to make some money, but have you considered the money that could be sitting around your house?

Many of us have phones, laptops, cameras, and even game consoles lying around our homes that could be repaired or revitalised and then cold or passed on to family or friends! This could be a really quick and easy way to make some money, or save money on the cost of a new device. 

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Make some money. 

Devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets can have a high resale value, so getting your damaged devices repaired and selling them can be a great way to make some money. 

Pass your device on. 

By getting devices repaired, you can pass them on to friends or family members, allowing you to save money on the cost of new replacement devices. 

Help the environment. 

With the crazy amount of e-waste being generated worldwide, maintaining devices is a great way to be more sustainable and save items from the scrapheap.