DSLR cameras are traditionally made for professional photographers, but they are getting much more popular among hobbyist users. Also, these cameras tend to be quite expensive, from entry level models for between €400 – €500 (Canon 1200D), to much higher end cameras worth upwards of €5000. 

Due to the nature of a camera, these all tend to travel a lot, from holidays, trips to the beach, and matches, to concerts, weddings, and hiking trips, DSLR cameras tend to deal with the pressures of life more than most electronic devices. Thankfully, if the worst does happen, help is at hand for all forms of DSLR maintanence and repair, and our specialised engineers can have your camera back up and running in no time, with a full 6 month warranty.

Broken camera? Send us a Quick Estimate, or check out our Camera Repairs page for more information. Whether you’re in Cork, Galway, Dublin or Letterkenny, we will collect your device free of charge within 24 hours., just fill out a short Repair Request form and get your camera fixed today!