This morning we were brought a broken Sony tablet that apparently fell down some stairs. Now, in Sony’s defense, they are doing as much as any electronic’s manufacturer (and more than most) to try and make their devices a bit more durable, but there really isn’t much that can be done about a drop this bad. So, as far as the customer was concerned, since he’d dropped it, it had stopped powering on completely. The worst thing about all of this? It wasn’t his tablet, he had borrowed it from his housemate.

Thankfully, it turned out that the Sony tablet was powering on, but there was no display as he had broken both the digitizer, (touch screen) and the LCD (display screen). One of our engineers performed a screen replacement on his tablet, to get it up and running in two hours, with our usual 6 month warranty. This particular happy customer planned on returning the repaired Sony Tablet to his housemate who is none the wiser. Broken Sony Tablet? Use our repair request section to get your Sony Tablet fixed today!