Canon is one of the largest manufacturers of cameras and lens in the world.  One of the most common cameras our technicians see in for repair is the Canon 600D.

The Canon 600D featured in the picture above arrived into us from a customer in Galway. They had been using it without any issues and then one day their Canon 600D failed to power on.  Our camera technician’s performed diagnostics on the customer’s Canon 600D, afterwards, they confirmed there was an issue with the mainboard and that the customer needed a Canon 600D mainboard repair.  Our camera technicians are able to carry out a Canon 600D mainboard repair in a few hours. The customer was then provided with a 3-month warranty on the Canon 600D mainboard repair.

If you’re unlucky enough to have a Canon 600D not powering on or Canon camera or lens in need of repair simply complete a Book My Repair form to get your device collected anywhere in the country! Alternatively, call into one of our two locations in Cork!